The MANURÍ fashion brand saw the light of day in 2011, in a coquettish one-room loft. Thanks to its quintessentially Rock ’n’ Roll style and personality and its sensually alluring accessories, MANURÍ rapidly became a must-have on the market. The shredded casual-cool t-shirts, the state-of-the art dresses, which give a unique freshness to feminine elegance, the sexy stage costumes, they all put MANURÍ on the fashion map: a mixture of rock, grunge, dirty and sexy style was born. After this initial success, MANURÍ continued to create iconic timeless products, meant to fit any body and any personality. Among endless meters of highest quality silk, scissors and pieces of leather, pearls and chains, MANURÍ enthusiastically strengthens its individuality and artistic integrity with every new idea, every new challenge, every new piece of clothing.

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patti jumpsuit sequins dress best for holidays christmas and celebrations

Patti Jumpsuit

 479.00 Manuri

Joyce Coat

 539.00 Manuri


Stereo Dress

 1,498.00 Manuri


Hello Dress

 1,190.00 Manuri